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Bringing a family member in for surgery can be a frightening time, whether that loved one happens to have two legs or four. As a loving parent, you want to be certain that your furbaby will be safe and well cared for while not experiencing too much pain. You probably have a bunch of questions, and more than a few concerns.

At Blue Ridge Animal Hospital, we understand what you’re going through. Why? Because each one of us has been in your shoes with our own furry family members. We’ve stood where you stand, and felt the same emotions that you’re struggling with right now. That’s why we always go above and beyond to ensure that not only will your pet’s procedure be a complete success, but that the entire experience – from start to finish – will be a positive, stress-free one for you both. Rest assured that when your loved one needs surgery, you can count on the team at Blue Ridge to provide exceptional care.

To ensure that all of our surgical patients receive the highest quality care and safety precautions while they are with us for surgery, we recommend pre-surgical screening for pets of all breeds, ages and health status. This testing allows us to verify that your pet is healthy enough to undergo surgery, and also helps us to identify certain risks that may be unique to your pet. The more prepared we are ahead of time, the smoother your pet’s procedure will go. We will also develop a customized pain management plan using the safest, most effective anesthetic products available.

When you arrive the morning of surgery, you will be able to go into an exam room with one of our surgical technicians, who will check your pet in and go over the surgical paperwork we’ll need you to fill out. During this time the technician will explain exactly what your pet’s surgical procedure will entail, answer any questions and discuss any concerns that you may have about your pet’s surgery.

Once your pet is settled in, we’ll begin to prep them for surgery. Rest assured that your loved one will never be left alone, but will receive plenty of cuddling and TLC as we begin to administer the pain medication. When your pet has been safely sedated, the surgery will be performed, giving extra attention to your pet’s safety and comfort at all times. One of our experienced technicians will be on hand to closely monitor your pet’s wellbeing – before, during and following the procedure.

After surgery, your loved one will be carefully moved into our warm, comfortable recovery area, which is located right next to our surgical suite. There, we will continue to monitor your pet as the anesthesia begins to wear off. At this time, you will be contacted by a member of our team who will explain how the procedure went and arrange for you to come retrieve your pet. Most surgical patients are ready to go home the same day as their procedure. If your pet needs a little more attention, we can house them right in our closely monitored hospitalization ward.

Once you’ve returned home with your pet, should any questions or concerns arise, we encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call. We’re happy to help! We may also recommend and prescribe some pain control medication for you to use at home, as our goal is to help your loved one recover as comfortably and painlessly as possible.

If your pet needs surgery and you’re feeling a bit worried, we’re here to put your mind at ease. Our professional, compassionate surgical team will have your companion all fixed up and on the road to a full and speedy recovery before you know it!



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In the event of an emergency during our normal office hours please call ahead if possible and proceed directly to our practice. For after-hour emergencies, we advise that you contact the pet emergency center shown below:
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